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About Nick Coons for Congress

Nick Coons is an Arizona Libertarian who ran for congress in 2010.

His campaign summary:

“Cleaning up Congress, getting unnecessary government intervention out of our lives, and restoring freedom will certainly take quite some time; and cannot be done by a single person. It will be necessary for like-minded, small-government Americans to be elected to the United States Congress to work together and accomplish goals such as these:

  • To assist in the passage of the Enumerated Powers Act, which would require all bills introduced in Congress include a statement setting forth the specific constitutional authority under which the law is being enacted.
  • To introduce and assist in the passage of the One Subject at a Time Act, which would require that bills introduced in Congress only cover a single subject. Many bills are laden with unrelated spending specifically for the purpose of passing unpopular spending requests by tagging them on to popular legislation. This act would effectively put an end to earmarking and cause the spending request to be voted on independently where it would stand or fall on its own merit.
  • To assist in the passage of the Honest Money Act, which would put an end to legal tender laws, allowing Americans to choose their own currency and not be forced into exchanging Federal Reserve Notes that perpetually decline in value.
  • To repeal the Real ID Act, which places a requirement on the states by the federal government to issue a biometric identification card effectively introducing a National ID card to the US. This act will impose a financial burden on the states, invade our privacy, and increase the likelihood of identity theft. Some states have already passed legislation to ban the Real ID from their jurisdiction, and they are to be applauded for their efforts.”

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